Amish father says he feels SORRY for the couple ‘who kidnapped and sexually abused his two young daughters’ ages 7 & 12 yrs.

Strange forgiveness from a father of two Amish girls who were abducted in northern New York last week. He said shortly after getting them back that he feels sorry for the couple accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing his daughters.

stephen howell molested amish girls

The parents of the girls, aged 7 and 12, spoke to the Johnson Newspapers at their home in Oswegathcie on Sunday, two days after Stephen Howells Jr. and Nicole Vaisey were charged with kidnapping with the intent to physically or sexually abuse the girls.

‘It’s sad,’ said the 44-year-old father, who is not being identified to protect his daughters. ‘They must have ruined their whole life.’

The Amish couple, who have 14 children, did not express any anger toward the suspects, while the girls’ 19-year-old sister said her siblings were not speaking much about their ordeal. Their mother said she is grateful to have her girls back home, but daily life has not yet returned to normal.

‘We feel relieved we have them,’ the mother said. ‘It’s still not like it was.’

They spoke out as St Lawyrence County District Attorney Mary Rain revealed that more charges are expected to be brought against Howells and Vaisey. Authorities collected computer hard drives and other potential evidence from their home on Sunday. Howells, a registered nurse at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, and Vaisey, a former dog groomer who had studied the psychology of rape at college, were arrested on Friday after voluntarily going to the sheriff’s office for an interview. They were charged with kidnapping with the intent to physically or sexually abuse the seven-year-old and 12-year-old sisters, who were snatched from their family’s roadside vegetable stand in Oswegatchie on Wednesday evening.

This Amish family demonstrate a purely Godly attitude to be concerned for the demented nurse and dog groomer. This couple ruined their lives a long time ago when they started having open conversations on child rape and agreeing to a plan to go experience it first-hand… not to mention taking a ‘psychology of rape’ course at college. Sickening.

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