Before Brendan Eich, there was Crystal Dixon who lost her job because she disagreed with Gay lifestyle

Thidixons has become Fascist America!

Please don’t think I’m over exaggerating the case because before Brendan Eich was forced to resign from his CEO position at Mozilla for contributing $1,000 supporting Prop 8 defending traditional marriage, Crystal Dixon was terminated in 2008 from her position as VP of Human Resources at the University of Toledo for writing an Op Ed piece.

One day in April 2008, Miss Dixon read a column written by Michael S. Miller titled, Gay Rights and Wrongs, in which he passionately argued that Ohio was lagging in Gay Rights. Read here.

Dixon responded to Miller and sent in an equally passionate response titled Gay Rights and Wrongs: Another Perspective. Read Here.: Brendan Eich

She was fired a week later for stating what she believed base on her religious beliefs.Since then the courts have upheld her firing and the Supreme Court refused to hear her case.: : 

I doubt the Crystal Dixon sage is an isolated case and I suspect between 2008 and 2014 other people have lost their jobs for either defending traditional marriage or speaking out against Gay marriage specifically.Given this atmosphere is it really a surprise polls have shifted in support of Gay Marriage?

I submit we live in an environment of intimidation where folks are scared of Gay activists coming after them.Six years ago a public employee, Dixon, suffered the wrath of the Gay Gestapo.: :  Now 2014 they’ve become even stronger and more ruthless getting the scalp of a private industry worker in Brendan Eich.

How can anyone say with a straight face we have “equality” or “diversity” of opinion in America?Those are buzz words used by Leftists using the power of government to enforce only one point of view.I don’t know what to call this country anymore but it sure isn’t America, it’s something else and it’s sad.: : : 

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