Bill de Blasio daughter Chiara gets an award for being sober

Bill de Blasio daughter Chiara gets an award for being sober

This is typical of Leftists. They love to give each other awards for any reason. And if they don’t a reason, they’ll make one up like in this case.

The Observer reports Mayor Bill de Blasio’s college-aged daughter, Chiara, accepted an award in Washington, D.C. today for opening up about her struggles with substance addiction and other mental health issues.

de blasaio daughter
In a video released at the end of last year, after her father’s election, Ms. de Blasio acknowledged suffering from clinical depression as well as alcohol and drug abuse problems. Today, the 19-year-old de Blasio said she “could not have imagined that I would be standing before you today” as she received a “special recognition award” for inspiring other young adults.

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Progressives are big on faux inspiration especially if it means more money for a government program.


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