Bill de Blasio Flower girl daughter Chiara de Blasio reveals drug, alcohol abuse Before Father takes oath as mayor

Bill de Blasio Flower girl daughter Chiara de Blasio reveals drug, alcohol abuse Before Father takes oath as mayor

The biggest reason why Bill de Blasio won his election as mayor of New York was the image of his two mixed race children fronting his campaign.There was Dante with his deep voice, good looks and a ten inch Afro that blew away the primary field of nobodys.De Blasio was a nobody too, but boy those two kids are cute.: :  : : : : 

Chiara de Blasio wasn’t as prominent as Dante, but she got to do her own commercial for the general campaigned.By then de Blasio had a huge lead in the polls over an inept GOP candidate.So what the heck?

But, now we know why she wasn’t the front man like her brother Dante.

de blasioPolitico reports in an unusual and moving Christmas Eve video, the college-age daughter of New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is revealing for the first time her struggle with alcohol, drugs and depression – and is urging others in need to get help.

“I’ve had depression, clinical depression, for my entire adolescence and so that’s been something that I’ve always dealt with – or [have] not known how to deal with,” Chiara de Blasio, 19, says in the nearly five-minute video released Tuesday by her father’s transition office. “It made it easier, the more I drank or did drugs, to share some common ground with people that I wouldn’t have.”

The turning point for her, Chiara says, was when her therapist referred her to an outpatient treatment center in New York City where she could work in group therapy sessions with other patients her age. She credits her parents and that treatment program for her sobriety.

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So now we know de Blasio’s family is composed of an ex Lesbian wife and a drug addict/alcoholic daughter.Bill de Blasio is Neo-Communist.We don’t know Dante’s deal yet.But, New York progressives are eating this all up and loving it.

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