Blame Hillary failed reset with Russia for what’s happening in the Ukraine

Blame Hillary failed reset with Russia for what’s happening in the Ukraine

What’s happening in the Ukraine is a direct result of the failed Obama-Clinton reset with Russia.Both these two neophytes in foreign policy were stupid enough to think hillaryappeasing Russia by abandoning missiles in Eastern Europe was a path to better relations with Russia.: : 

It was a sign of weakness and a lack of resolve that Russia was all to glad to take advantage of.: : 

Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints and lack of judgment with Russia, along with her culpability in the Benghazi terrorists’ attacks are enough to disqualify her from ever being president of the United States.: : 

The corrupt American media will work hard to paint a picture of inevitability and competence of Hillary Clinton.However, the country has suffered enough with one fraud from the streets of Chicago.We don’t need another from Chappaqua.: : : 

: Originally posted at The Last Tradition


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