California Dem convicted of 8 felonies; Democrats block expulsion

California Dem convicted of 8 felonies; Democrats block expulsion

It’s time for yet another game of “Imagine if this were a Republican!” Republicans are usually quick to condemn and oust criminals and sleazeballs from the party. Democrats stand by their man, whether it’s Bill Clinton or a California state senator convicted of eight felonies.


The nerve of these people…

Sen. Steve Knight, a Republican from Palmdale, introduced a resolution to expel Wright from the Senate because a jury found him guilty of eight felonies last month for lying about living in the district he represents. “This will be precedent-setting,” Knight said as debate on his measure was being quashed on a 21-13, mostly party-line vote. “We have gone past any time period where someone has been convicted of a felony and not resigned.”

Since the Senator, Rod Wright, is black, the only way Democrats could get even more shameless is to blame the convictions on “racism.” I’m betting they’ll play that card at least once before this episode is resolved.

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