‘Cannibal Nurse’ Dale Bolinger Had Sex With Corpses in Hospital Mortuary, Police Fear

‘Cannibal Nurse’ Dale Bolinger Had Sex With Corpses in Hospital Mortuary, Police Fear

I have a unique background that surprises most people I meet for the first time. I was a funeral director for many years – yes, that means I embalmed people, performed autopsies during my time at the Medical Examiner’s office, and so much more. Then, I became involved in nursing. All of that combined knowledge just makes me want to absolutely throw up when I read this gut-twisting story.



Police fear cannibal fetish nurse Dale Bolinger had sex with corpses in hospital mortuaries, reports the Sunday People.

Detectives suspect the weirdo whose fantasies about eating a teenage girl shocked a court last week may have abused his position to :­indulge in vile practices.

The father-of-three is known to have led a secret double life, using the sinister Dark Fetish Network to discuss carrying out sickening acts.

Bolinger, 58, was suspended by East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust last year after it emerged he boasted he killed and ate a five-year-old boy and a woman.

Oh. my. GOD.:  As if that wasn’t bad enough…..

Bolinger is to be sentenced next month after being convicted of sexual grooming.

He chatted online with a 14-year-old girl about eating her and bought an axe after arranging a meeting.

So let me get this straight. This guy IS NOT IN JAIL, bragged he ate a kid, no one knows “for sure” if he had sexual relations with corpses, and he solicited a minor online and spoke to her about EATING HER, then bought an axe? This is like some terrible B-rated movie plot that keeps getting worse. Also, the selfie with the axe? #Classy. Hopefully this sociopath with be locked up for life with no access to any of his ‘prey’

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