CBO Ups The Cost Projections Of Obamacare

Not that this is shocking to anyone, but as you recall, the Democrats were “delighted” when the CBO estimated in March that the net cost of Obamacare would be $788 billion over 10 years. They knew if that estimate had gone over $1 trillion before the vote, the bill would likely not pass. The CBO did caution at the time that it needed more time and information to estimate costs better, and now they have.

The new cost projection? A mere $115 billion or so more. So, Obamcare will indeed cost $1 trillion over ten years, just as all of us on the right predicted. Of course this is just the estimated cost. When has the government ever done anything but spend well over the estimated costs on anything? Medicare being a prime example.

All I ask is that you remember in November.

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