Cinco de Mayo All-You-Can-Eat Taco Bars Fund Raisers Deemed Offensive, Face Campus Extinction

What will they ban next taco tuesday?


Every year across the nation, several Pi Beta Phi sorority chapters host all-you-can-eat “Pi Phiesta” taco bar fundraisers at their respective campuses to raise money for charity. But that longstanding tradition, typically held around Cinco de Mayo, is in jeopardy. In the past few weeks, pressure from a handful of Latino students at two high-profile universities who complained the events are offensive prompted dramatic changes to two “Pi Phiesta” fundraisers.

At Dartmouth College, the fundraiser was cancelled outright, and at Stanford University, the sorority girls scrapped their Mexican themed “Pi Phiesta” for a summery, ocean-themed one, although they still served tacos. The Dartmouth situation created national headlines, while the quick switcheroo at Stanford took place much more quietly. Nevertheless, the future of “Pi Phiesta” fundraisers across the nation hang in the balance as the charitable tradition faces increased scrutiny from the politically correct campus police.

C’mon — how long before the directive comes down from the Pi Beta Phi national headquarters with an “ixnay on the iestaphey.” They don’t want or need the bad press or flack on campuses, and will probably figure: Why bother?

The real losers, however, are the nonprofit efforts these events help support; all-you-can-eat taco bars get lots of warm bodies through the doors. These particular sorority charity events are hardly offensive, and if anything — they celebrate and honor Mexican heritage.
A YouTube video of a “Pi Phiesta” taco night last year shows a bunch of students stuffing their faces with tacos, smiling, and raising a wad of cash for literacy causes. In the pictures on various Pi Beta Phi websites, one might see an occasional sombrero-donned student or some maracas among the bright yellow-orange decorations and neon-colored T-Shirts; hardly offensive.

Eating Mexican on a Mexican holiday should offend everyone. In fact we should all boycott Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo to show we stand with these two Latino students who were offended. Who’s with me? *sarcasm*


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