Cops hunt for a heartless woman who steals 8-year-old girl’s candy money after she can’t afford a $1.25 can of beer

There is nothing lower than stealing candy from a baby… unless that baby had just offered to pay your bus fare that is. A middle-aged woman claimed she needed bus fare before robbing an 8-year-old girl selling candy outside a California store Monday afternoon.


The unnamed girl was selling the sweets with two other children while inside the store at Divisadero and Eddy Sts. The woman, who is estimated to be between the ages of 40 and 50 but has not been identified, had to walk away from the counter empty handed because she didn’t have enough cash for a $1.25 can of beer.

The store owner later told KTVU that the woman kept looking towards the kid’s money and candy.

‘The kids have the money in a clear bag,’ the store owner said. ‘You could see all the ones in the bag.’

The victim then separated from her friends and walked outside where the woman asked her for bus fare change. The girl decided to spare her some money, but when she reached into the bag the suspect ‘ended up grabbing the child’s arm, twisting it until she let go of the bag of money,’ said Police Officer Gordon Shyy.

The woman ran off with the cash and remains at-large. The girl only suffered minor injuries.

‘It’s terrible,’ said local resident George Daugherty. ‘Especially stealing from kids.’

He continued: ‘There are a number of schools around here and the kids are always selling cookies and candy. And I say all of us in the neighborhood try to help them and support them because they’re great kids and they’re good causes.

‘So it’s always sad someone would take advantage of that.’

Ironically this awful woman taught this 8-year-old girl that if someone needs help, don’t help them because they might attack you.

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