Donations to Karl Rove’s Anti-Tea Party groups down 98%

Donations to Karl Rove’s Anti-Tea Party groups down 98%

When is the Republican establishment going to learn to stop ignoring the base? Donations to Karl Rove’s three Crossroads groups decreased 98% last year, after Rove “declared war on the Tea Party.”

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As Breitbart reports,

Rove runs Crossroads GPS, American Crossroads, and the Conservative Victory Project Super PAC, which was formed this year to wage war against conservatives. Rove’s two groups raised $325 million in 2012 and about $70 million in 2010. As: Politico notes, though, “Rove added a third group to the network in 2013, forming the Conservative Victory Project to counterbalance the influence of Tea Party and conservative grassroots forces in GOP primaries.”

Since then, as Breitbart News reported, “Rove’s organization has been so tarnished among the conservative base that candidates fear donors will not contribute to any group associated with him.”

Rove and the rest of the establishment should take this as a clear message that despite their best efforts, the Tea Party isn’t going away quietly.

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