Egyptian Female Activist Poses Nude and Defecates On ISIS Flag. Yes, Really.

After their terror spree of monstrous evil, such as beheading American journalist James Wright Foley, I’m sure plenty of Americans would love to get ahold of an ISIS flag and wipe their asses with it. Well, it looks like we have some enthusiastic allies in the Muslim world! Uh, really enthusiastic. Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, a 23-year-old Egyptian feminist, actually took it up a notch, stripping and then doing Number Two on the ISIS flag.

Did I mention there’s also a bare-butt woman in a burqa giving the finger to the camera? Who knew so much awesome could be crammed into one little photo?


She’s an Egyptian social activist and blogger who’s known for doing outrageous things to protest Islamic restrictive and misogynistic theology. However, up to this point, her “protests” have not run the risk of her being publicly beheaded by the most dangerous terror group in the world.

“In the image, the 23-year-old feminist is seen facing the camera, while the other woman, dressed in a black hijab, has her back towards the viewer. Two presumably plastic machine guns are in the background, and the veiled woman is holding up her middle finger. The letters IS are inscribed on Elmahdy’s stomach and on the second woman’s bottom.”

Arab media across the Middle East have avoided publishing Aliaa’s very creative protest photo, since the words “there is no God but Allah” are printed on the “desecrated” IS flag. Her actions have caused a lot of outrage in the region. But really, when isn’t that region outraged?

Like most people reading this, I’m generally averse to public potty breaks as well as gratuitous nudity. (Those Occupy Wall Street photos scarred me for life.) But you have to admit Elmahdy has some serious guts, even when it comes to a terrorist group that beheads people for fun. Arab television–which is always looking for ways to rile up the beastly members of the audience–is afraid to air the photo. And militant Islamists are even shying away from rioting over it!

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. With antics like this, I have a feeling Osama bin Laden himself would have run for the hills if he was faced with this woman.

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