Ex-MTV star from ‘Baby High’ show is charged with abusing her puppy Benson after locking him in a house without food or water for THREE weeks

Ex-MTV star from ‘Baby High’ show is charged with abusing her puppy Benson after locking him in a house without food or water for THREE weeks

A former MTV reality star from ‘Baby High’ has been arrested on a cruelty to animal charge in Kentucky after allegedly abandoning her puppy in a house without food or water for weeks.

dog being starved

The dog, a mastiff named Benson is only about six months old, was so emaciated he weighed less than 30 pounds. Severely malnourished, he ranked he ranked the lowest number possible on the body condition scale used by veterinarians, according to Wave 3.

Madeleine Cornish, 22, who appeared in the 2010 MTV show Baby High, was in the process of moving in Louisville when she neglected her dog, according to police. Then, realizing how sick the pup had become, she allegedly dumped him. Benson was found wandering along a street searching for food and looking physically ill.

He was taken into the care of the Arrow Fund on July 10, who have been seeing him back to health. However staff did not expect him to survive the night when they first received him. He ranked as a ‘1′ on the body condition score chart used by vets, which is the lowest and worst number an animal can receive. Benson – who has been renamed Hank – has since gained alot of weight and is getting back to normal.

‘He is only five to six months old so we don’t now if there’s going to be a long-lasting issue with this,’ Leslie Spetz, from The Arrow Fund, told WLKY.

‘Its bad when it happens to any animal, but for a puppy like that and especially a large breed dog, it can have repercussions long-term.’

Benson was one of four students to feature in the little-seen Baby High, which followed young moms in the Teenage Parenting Program at Westport Alternative High School.

If this is how this lady treats her dog, I shudder to think how she treats her baby.

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