Exotic dancers from Foxhole North to protest topless at church New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw Ohio

Exotic dancers from Foxhole North to protest topless at church New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw Ohio

This is an interesting clash of 1st amendments rights. However, I wonder if topless dancers protesting a church just might boost church attendance.


Coshocton Tribune reports dancers who work at a strip club in New Castle are churchplanning to go topless in public to protest a Warsaw church, which has been protesting against them for eight years.


Dancers, other staff, family and friends from the Foxhole North will be in front of New Beginnings Ministries during worship services this Sunday, said Thomas George, the club’s owner. Some of the women are planning to be topless, he said. George said about 14 people were at the church this past Sunday and that he expects more protesters this week.


The group previously held signs with the women in bikinis or otherwise scantily clad for more than a year, stopping in fall 2011. George said it was obvious giving the church a taste of its own medicine wasn’t deterring members from picketing outside his business or helping them come to any sort of mutual understanding.


George, who also owns the Foxhole South in Zanesville, said this is an extreme measure that might garner backlash – considering there are children at the church and who live in the area – but he’s at the end of his rope. If Pastor Bill Dunfee and his congregation don’t want the nudity outside of the church on Sunday mornings, then they should stop coming to the Foxhole, about nine miles up the road on U.S. 36, on weekend nights.


“Everyone has the right to express their first amendment rights and views, but at what point does it become just flat out harassment with what goes on,” George said. “It’s not my intention to offend the locals down there; they just happen to be unfortunate innocent bystanders in this whole mess,” George said.


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I wouldn’t want a strip joint across the street from my church. But 9 miles away is a problem?

I don’t advocate strip clubs, but churches like these paints a negative picture of all Christian churches.


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