Farrakhan Asks Obama to Prove Existence of UFO That Will “Destroy White America”

Farrakhan Asks Obama to Prove Existence of UFO That Will “Destroy White America”

Five words: mad as a march hare. Louis Farrakhan is babbling lately about a UFO that will destroy white America.


He’s calling on Obama to help by opening up Area 51.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan asked that President Obama open up Area 51 to scientists in a sermon he gave on Saturday, February 15. It was the last of a yearlong sermon series titled, “Time and What Must Be Done.”

Farrakhan has often referred to a UFO he calls the Mother Wheel, which according to: The New Yorker, he describes as a “heavily armed spaceship the size of a city that will rain destruction upon white America, but save those who embrace the Nation of Islam.”

I think it’s time for Farrakhan to double his dose, take a nap, or both.

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