Father arrested for murder after newborn dies after suffering skull fractures, broken ribs, bleeding eyes and brain trauma due to abuse

Father arrested for murder after newborn dies after suffering skull fractures, broken ribs, bleeding eyes and brain trauma due to abuse

A four-month old baby is dead and her father is being held in jail on a $1million bond.

halo stutzman

Halo Stutzman, of South Bend, Indiana, died Sunday morning after spending two days on life support as a result of what police believe is a series of beatings from father Bryan Michel. The newborn had skull fractures, a traumatic brain injury, bleeding behind the eyes, bruises all over her body and broken ribs at different stages of healing, according to an affidavit.

Authorities say Michel, 22, originally lied about the tot’s injuries, saying another child — who is 18 months old — pulled Halo off the couch and caused the injuries, WSBT reported, citing the affidavit. He then recanted the tale when told of the severity of Halo’s injuries to say he dropped and accidentally fell on the baby while her a bath. She then slowly began to die of suffocation as Michel waited two days to call police because he was afraid he would get in trouble. Dominique Stutzman, the baby’s mother, works nights and was not at home Wednesday night when the fatal injuries are believed to have occurred, said police.

A medical exam when the baby was finally brought to the hospital revealed the extent of her injuries and Michel was arrested on a felony charge of neglect. The prosecutor has since said in a statement that Halo died from ‘oxygen deprivation to the brain.’ The helpless child suffocated to death. Officials told WSBT that Michel’s bail was set at $1million because a warrant for a previous charge was issued for his arrest only days before Halo was rushed to the hospital.

Dominique Stutzman notably ‘liked’ a comment from one person saying to ‘FRY THE B*****D IN HELL’ — a reference to Michel. Authorities have scheduled an autopsy for Monday, but have not said whether the charges against Michel will be upgraded in light of Halo passing away.

What a 22 year old man is doing with a baby to cause that level of trauma is beyond me. This man needs to suffer the severest punishment available to make an example that NO ONE has the right to steal another persons life from them.

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