Father of Medal of Honor soldier killed in Afghanistan says ‘deserter’ Bowe Bergdahl shouldn’t be called a hero ‘if he turned his back on his unit’

Father of Medal of Honor soldier killed in Afghanistan says ‘deserter’ Bowe Bergdahl shouldn’t be called a hero ‘if he turned his back on his unit’


Who is going to argue with a Gold Star Father of a Medal of Honor winner?

The father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor – the nation’s highest military award – has said POW Bowe Bergdahl should not be branded a ‘hero’.

In a powerful statement Philip Miller, whose son Special Forces Staff Sergeant Robert J Miller was killed by the Taliban in 2008, said Bergdahl doesn’t deserve the accolade until the allegations of his desertion are put straight.


‘My son Robert swore an oath to his country, to defend the United States of America and to never quit. Robert would never leave his post or turn his back on his unit as this young man has seemingly done.

‘I believe that is, and should be, expected behavior in any military around the world.’

Bergdahl — who served in a parachute infantry regiment of the Army’s 25th Infantry Division – stands accused of leaving his unit in Afghanistan with no explanation on June 30, 2009.

That last part is incorrect.

There is an explanation. : Bergdahl gave it:

Bowe Bergdahl left a note saying he had gone to start a ‘new life’ and a former comrade broke his military gagging order today to tell MailOnline of the jaw-dropping moment he discovered the Taliban POW had walked off from their Afghanistan base.

That revelation came just hours before two top government officials confirmed that there will be a new, full investigation into Bergdahl’s disappearance.

The soldier, who requested anonymity as he is still in the military, said: ‘Everyone looked at me like I was crazy but I was right, he had walked off.’

The New York Times: reported Bergdahl also left behind a note in which he said he did not want to fight for America any more, did not believe in the war – and was leaving to start a new life.

I haven’t found one article anywhere that says Bergdahl was anything other than a deserter.

Have you?

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