Firefighters refused to help dying dad, daughter says

Firefighters refused to help dying dad, daughter says

Here’s an example of that government efficiency and competence we’ve all come to rely on! A 77-year-old man in Washington, DC, died of a heart attack while firefighters looked on, telling bystanders that if they wanted help, they’d have to call 911 first.

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According to local news:

Witnesses said the fire station was across the street where Cecil Mills collapsed Saturday. Marie Mills said the on-duty firefighter refused several desperate requests to help her dad.

A firefighter standing and watching the ordeal didn’t help either, she said.

“I even ran to the curb and said are you going to help me, or are you going to let my dad die?” Marie Mills said.

She said firefighters told people asking them for help that they had to call 911 before anyone could respond.

“Protocol is heartless,” Marie Mills said. “It is heartless. That’s how I felt.”

Brace yourselves. This is just a small preview of what we’re in for if we implement a government-run health care system.

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