Florida Girl, 9, Was Strangled And Stuffed In Suitcase During Sexual Assault

Three months after her body was found floating in a river, police have arrested 35-year-old Granville Ritchie in the murder of third-grader Felecia Williams. Williams was reportedly strangled and then stuffed into a suitcase during a sexual assault.


Nearly three months after a third grade girl’s naked body was found floating in a river, Florida police claim they’ve finally pinned down her killer.

Felecia Williams, 9, was raped, strangled, and stuffed in a suitcase by Granville Ritchie, 35, Temple Terrace Police Chief Kenneth Albano announced at a Friday news conference.

The man will be charged with first-degree murder, capital sexual battery, and aggravated child abuse, WFLA reports.

The little girl’s family and friends who had assembled in the news conference room greeted the announcement of the pending charges with cheers. But that celebration soon turned into tears as Albano went on to describe the last few hours of Williams’ life.

Williams was picked up from her Tampa home by family friend Eboni Wiley on May 16. She was taken to a Temple Terrace apartment, where Wiley reportedly left the little girl alone with Ritchie for a little more than an hour. That was all the time it took for Ritchie to commit a “crime of opportunity,” Albano said.

When Wiley returned, the man was reportedly “shirtless and sweating.”

There’s not much to add to this horror story other than gratitude that Granville Richie is off the streets.

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