Florida Woman Has “Unsavory” Neighbors’ Home Bulldozed

Florida Woman Has “Unsavory” Neighbors’ Home Bulldozed

The neighbor from hell? A Florida woman has been arrested and charged with criminal mischief after she had her neighbors’ home bulldozed.


She claims the neighbors were “unsavory.” A lot of people have unsavory neighbors, but bulldozing their homes is a tad extreme. But far from being apologetic, she’s claiming she did the neighborhood a favor.

The 62-year-old had showed the bulldozer operator a key to the St. Augustine, Florida home and explained she wanted it and its septic tank destroyed and hauled away.

The arrest report said she did the neighborhood a favor by having the home destroyed, the police report says, according to Fox News…Damage was estimated at $25,000, the Times-Union reported.

What a nut. Is it just me, or are Americans getting crazier by the minute?

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