Hijacked Question Friday: Football!

Just for fun, and something different from politics, I’m going to somewhat hijack John’s Q&A Friday. Vega asked (sorry, no formatting or links, can’t on Droid)

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl this year?

I’ve got a $100,000 that says this years winner is my NY Giants. Anyone want to bet?

But, as to this season’s winner, I’m going to go with Eli over Petting.

My top NFC contenders are Giants, Bears, San Fran, and Atlanta.

AFC are Houston, Broncos, Steelers, and Patriots (never count those last 2 out.

The Cowboys and Egirls will not make the playoffs, and there will be some interesting changes end of season. Same with the Jets and Chargers.

Ravens are a bubble team. Yes, Green Bay is in the hunt. I worry about their D and running game.

Ray Lewis will retire.

Big prediction: Colts will make the Playoffs.

What ya got?

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