Some Sports Writers have Long Knives out for Tony Dungy, a Fine Christian Gentlemen Who Spoke His Mind in Era of Intimidation by Gay Activists/Thugs

tonyTony Dungy said he would’ve passed on drafting the MARGINALLY talented and openly Gay Michael Sam in the NFL draft. A 7th round pick wouldn’t be worth the distraction to the team.


As it turned out NFL teams passed on Sam 248 times, six spots away from being drafted dead last. That pretty much tells the world how NFL talent evaluators thought of Michael Sam’s football ability. Or in other words they saw very little.


But, of course none of that mattered to agenda-driven Liberal sports writers who made it their life’s work to pressure any NFL GM to draft a homosexual player regardless of football chops. Call it Affirmative Action for the Gay guy who really can’t measure up to NFL standards to be a practice squad player or even a water boy.

So as a result of Dungy giving his opinion that was obviously followed 248 times, he’s being painted as an intolerant hater when he’s nothing of the sort. The real intolerant ones are the sports writers who now are browbeating Dungy to recant his comments.



It can’t be about Sam’s football prowess, he has none! So it must be about his Gayness instead of football. I thought sports writers are suppose to talk about the game, tackles, sacks and touchdowns. However, these scribes are so desperate for their Jackie Robinson moment.


But, there’s one big problem with that. When Jackie stepped on the field in 1947, breaking the color barrier, he immediately was one of the best players in the game. Michael Sam who is too small to play defensive end and too slow to play linebacker, will be lucky enough to carry towels for the team. Is that really worth breaking the Homosexual barrier?


But, there’s more to it than that. Dungy is a Christian, not afraid to talk about his faith. There’s a hostility towards Christians in America today and it stems from the White House all the way down to the local school boards. Not a day goes by without the Gay agenda being pushed by officials to 4 year olds in the classroom and “sensitivity training” (i.e. thought control) at the work place.

It’s all intimidation, sometimes subtle, other times very overt like losing a job because of donating to causes contrary to the Gay agenda. That’s what’s happening to Dungy, it’s bigger than just him.


Lay off Dungy, he’s a good dude! Stick to writing about THE GAME! Leave social engineering alone, it’s above sports writers pay grade.


Originally posted at The Last Tradition

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