How a Progressive Leftist says “I’m too cheap to tip.”

Have you ever wondered why progressives hate to see a working man be successful? This has been circulating on Teh Twitters and Teh Reddits.

tip too cheap

Progressives goal to make America a place filled with mediocre losers is having an affect on American children by stripping away their desire to achieve. No server in their right mind would put up with the abuse of being on the front lines in the food industry if they had to pay taxes on tips that no one gave them.

This ‘ideal’ is reflected all over in our culture in these two recent examples: A week ago I went to an amazing show called Pirates Voyage. There were cirque de soleil acrobatics, 3 seals, 2 dogs and the best firedancer. I was in awe at the showmanship throughout a tight competition between 2 teams of pirates for Davy Jones treasure. In the end team red won until Davy Jones came up from the sea and announced “there are no winners, there is plenty of treasure to share”. I wanted to punch Davy Jones in his slimy pirate face for taking away a championship and stripping it of any value or fun. That world where everyone is the same despite their own efforts is called a world full of losers and no winners. There can only be ONE winner in any contest for the prize to hold value. The very next day the Scripps National Spelling Bee ends in a tie… meaning for the first time in half a century there was no winner.

If you are a cub scout leader, school teacher, primary leader in your church… please care enough about your children to foster healthy competition among the children as achievement and losing are the best ways to mold a successful child and a healthy self esteem. If you take out first place in your field day or pinewood derby it only means that you have NO faith in children’s ability to learn from their failures and pull ahead to a win next time. ‘Everyone is a winner’ is a communistic ideal that can only breed poverty and misery.

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