I Know The Website Is Called F*cked Company, But Come On

I Know The Website Is Called F*cked Company, But Come On: Have you ever heard of a website called F*cked Company? If not, you’re one of the few. According to Alexa, F*cked Company is the 901st most popular website on the net. For those that aren’t familiar with them, F*cked Company runs a game that is essentially a deadpool for companies. Back in the day when I ran Brass Knuckles Webzine, even I ranked them as one of the top 25 most entertaining websites on the net.

I just wanted to give you all that background info so you wouldn’t shrug this off as a small-time page when I show you what a cesspool of humanity that their forums are. Normally, I quote offensive posts for this sort of thing. However, in this case, the forums are such a sewer that I only need to show you some of the subjects of the more offensive posts to give you a good idea of what it’s like….

– I have reason to believe f*gs outnumber heteros 3:1 in this forum — Staunch FishP*ssy
– The Fat N*GGa WINS!!!!! — Blackie Lawless
– When you rape a chick, is it right to thank her after? — colin kick*ss
– why are white people so ugly? — perkeetr
– This is why, f*gs must die … — .
– Aw f*ck, now there are Mexicans living in the Seattle area. — thisistotalbullsh*t
– William Hannibal Thomas Explains N*gger Crime — I Am AntiN*gg
– To lose weight, I think I will start drinking my own pee and cook my sperm — 0riqinal Lonely Guy
– Why is it that black people can’t get to work on time… — WCO
– OK – I admit – I was Daniel Pearl’s Head — StaunchNinerFan
– My d*ck is 12″ soft — klonkydong
– Does God masturbate a lot? — Lucky8
– I SHAT in a PLAY-DOH maker — ipoopedoutsideoneaste- r”

I was tempted to actually do a little more work and punch all of this up as a new edition of ACPOTI, but I could feel my IQ dropping like Bill Clinton’s pants in front of an intern as I paged through these posts, so I decided not to spend any more time there than necessary. But geeze, could these people be any freakier?

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