“I’m a Sexy Woman, So Stop Objectifying Me!”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what it looks like when one advocate of a point-of-view completely thinks circles around another. She’s got the radical feminists figured out, pegged, nailed to the wall, and they wouldn’t even understand the first thing about any of it.

Naughty language warning.

Thanks to Dean Esmay for finding this, in response to our previous comments, upon which we had since expounded…and this is an example of great minds thinking alike…

It seems the social code we’ve been trying to prop up for a few years now, and we show no signs of slowing down at all, is one of: Shopping around for good genes in a mate, looking for a carrier of decent genetic stock to pass on to the children, is a privilege to be reserved exclusively for the women. They’re inclined to window-shop, you know; men don’t have the same instinct, or if they do, they darn well shouldn’t.

It is the visual assessment of quality of genetic stock for the purpose of potential mating. Gals can do it and guys cannot.

The feminist movement we know and understand, seeks to redefine our cultural codes to uphold what they think of as “justice,” which they then interpret according to feeling instead of according to thought. It becomes a loser’s mentality when they encounter someone who reached a different conclusion by thinking instead of by feeling, and still want to win all the time; that is when they become tyrants, and agents of injustice. This is the point where “Owning Your Shit”‘s lecture starts in, because their feelings are subservient to their natural instincts, and their natural instincts weigh the situation according to the likely ramifications to a marriageable female living thousands of years ago, should her supple form & figure find visual appreciation in a mediocre, sub-par, un-vetted, undesirable male.

That is when some women, not all of them self-identifying as feminists, start to become very silly. When they start to try to re-program the male libido, and other desires, by social bludgeoning. We should find Michelle Obama pretty and we should be attracted to Hillary Clinton’s obvious smartness. We should find the Hooters waitress absolutely revolting. Our favorite actress should be a toss-up between Jane Seymour and Meryl Streep. Sadly, this late in the game, there really aren’t too many women around who are willing to say “He likes what he likes, he watches what he watches, and that’s the way it is.” You know…the way men are expected to react to the things women value and desire. It is what it is? Like the tides? No…no way can we allow that to happen, men are here to be re-programmed.

Transcript here.

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