Irony At Its Finest: Liberals Tried To Shut Down Darren Wilson Fund Raiser And It Backfired Big Time

“To Serve and Protect” is the motto most in law enforcement live by. They are proud and underpaid folks who keep us safe at night, and answer our calls when we need them most.

So why are the Liberals slamming Officer Wilson?

The oh-so-tired “Race Card” Ugh. I am SO over it.

Personally, this story made me smile, because I am happy for the huge effort to support Officer Wilson, and the huge slam on the Liberals slandering him.


gofundme (450x232)

From the article:

After fatally shooting Mike Brown earlier this month, Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson faced a barrage of death threats and character assaults. Before his department released his name days after the shooting, hackers promised to reveal personal details about him prior to Twitter’s suspension of an account operated by hacker syndicate Anonymous.

Last weekend, a St. Charles resident set up an online fundraiser for Wilson who, according to reports, not only sustained serious facial injuries during his altercation with Brown but was forced to relocate amid the ensuing riot that has plagued Ferguson ever since.

The fundraiser, set up on the website Go Fund Me, has already amassed more than $200,000 in support of Wilson, much of which came after critics urged the site to remove the campaign. In light of the testimony of Brown’s friend, whose own criminal past has cast doubt on his credibility, many have prematurely determined that Wilson acted inappropriately in shooting the black man. Many of these protesters are now expressing contempt towards those who are donating to his cause.

As you can see from the page, this is far from an unsuccessful campaign. Please go donate as much as your pocketbook can handle- this man is looking at providing for his family as well as a legal defense, and likely some personal protection from the maniacs threatening his life. Thank you for your service, Officer.

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