Legal Immigrants Outraged At Obama’s Enabling of Illegals: A “Stinging Slap in the Face”

Legal Immigrants Outraged At Obama’s Enabling of Illegals: A “Stinging Slap in the Face”

If I had put in the effort, not to mention the money, needed to become a citizen of the US, I’d be outraged also:


In his “Lament of a Legal Alien” essay in: The Wall Street Journal,Singh, a legal immigrant doctor in Mississippi, who is from India,: said at every point during his application process, he “was warned that if [he] lied or falsified information or tried to find work other than the job [he] was authorized to do in the U.S. there would be serious consequences.” In recent years, he: has watched the immigration debate with “a sense of utter helplessness.”

“In particular I was warned about the rather grave repercussions if I chose to stay here illegally,” he wrote, adding:

I was impressed with the United States’ laws and those who enforced them. I felt that if I had to stand in line so did the others and that the process was fair to everyone. I did a whole lot of waiting, filled out lots of forms, got photographed and fingerprinted and waited some more to be called a “legal alien physician.”

He said that people in his situation “probably represent the most law-abiding segment of the population” since “any skirmish with the law–even one not involving violence–can result in loss of working privileges and possible deportation.” That is why he felt it was a “stinging slap in the face to all of those who chose to do the right thing and get here by following the rules” when he read that “legal immigrants’ applications are being stalled because the officials who process files are overwhelmed with applications for deportation deferrals.”: 

Singh also said that what really surprised him was “in a nation that prides itself on being a nation of laws, the enforcers of the law are told to deliberately look away when it comes to illegal immigration.”

That’s the thing. : We may have one day been a nation of laws.

Now were a nation of laws that support the progressive agenda.

If they don’t, they don’t get enforced, at least under this president.

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