Louisiana GOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Harry Reid’s illegal Partisan Attacks

I love it when someone musters the gumption to beat on Harry Reid, we need more folks like the LA GOP ethics committee.



Via HuffPo:

The Louisiana Republican Party filed a: complaint: with the Senate Ethics Committee on Wednesday, accusing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) of improperly using his official Senate website and Twitter account for partisan attacks on billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.

“Americans are fed up with the type of hyper-partisan campaigning, and it is appalling that Harry Reid would use taxpayer resources to breach Senate ethics rules and pursue this kind of activity in his official capacity as Senate Majority Leader,” Jason Dore, Louisiana GOP executive director,: said: in press release Wednesday.

Reid has criticized the Koch brothers on the Senate floor: several times: over the last few months,: calling them “un-American”: for spending millions of dollars on: ads attacking: vulnerable Senate Democrats for their support of the Affordable Care Act.

Harry Reid and the left like to use the Koch brothers as their target because the name “Koch Brothers” just sounds insidious. To be honest in the 2012 campaign the Koch brothers only donated 3 million to Romney campaign and were no where near the top Republican donor at $30 million. Barack Obama raised almost a half a billion from large individual contributions (that’s money from rich people) and Mitt Romney raised only 366 million from large individual contributions. Obama’s top contributors were University of California, Microsoft, Google and US Government whereas Romney’s top contributors were all investment firms. Reid and the left are really good at propaganda… and us on the right keep sitting around twiddling our thumbs. I appreciate Louisiana for having the courage to stand against Reid, we should ALL follow suit and stop apologizing for the Koch Brothers.


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