Major Media Outlets Ignore Jamaican authorities seize 3,300 warheads: Why is that?

Major Media Outlets Ignore Jamaican authorities seize 3,300 warheads: Why is that?

Where is the NY Times, CBS, NBC, and ABC on this huge story?This is a classic example of news coverage in the United States today.If the news doesn’t fit an agenda-driven template, it’s totally ignored.

I especially think that given the fact that this week the U.S. has made a so-called historic deal with the terrorist state of Iran on their uranium enrichment program, the seizure of 3,300 warheads 581 miles of our shores in Jamaica is pretty damn relevant.

But, not relevant enough for our corrupt media!Where did these warheads come from and where were they going?

Miami Herald reports police in Jamaica say authorities have seized 3,300 missile warheads and a machine to make missiles and bullets.

Deputy Police Superintendent Steve Brown said Friday that custom officials discovered the weapons late Thursday aboard a ship at Kingston Wharf.

warheadsHe declined to say where the shipment originated from or its destination. No one has been arrested.

Brown told reporters that police are seeking helping from international agencies after their findings.

monkeysHe said it was the first time authorities had made such a discovery.

Nothing!No follow up and it stinks to high heaven!

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