Man, 24, accused of killing four people house robbery fights the death penalty & wants permission to get married in jail

A man accused of shooting dead three people and ordering the killing of a fourth is fighting the death penalty – as he asks for permission to marry in jail instead.

kenneth cody rackemann robbery murderer

Kenneth ‘Cody’ Rackemann, 24, has asked an Indiana judge to reconsider his bid to marry his fiancée, Tia Brasfield, after the request was denied in April. The request cites a federal court ruling that says ‘it is unconstitutional for a jail to prohibit the defendant from getting married for any reason not related to a legitimate penological interest’, the IndyStar reported. It comes as Rackemann’s attorneys claim that prosecutors’ request for the death penalty, which was filed in Marion Superior Court in July, violate the man’s constitutional rights.

Rackemann, who formerly worked in security for a drug dealer, is being held in Marion County Jail, Indiana, accused in the killing of the dealer and three associates at a house in Indianapolis. He is one of four people charged with the deaths of Walter ‘Buddy’ Burnell, 47, Jacob Rodemich, 43, Kristy Sanchez, 22, and Hayley Navarro, 21, during the house robbery in February.

One of the defendants, Samantha Bradley, pleaded guilty earlier this month to a conspiracy charge and agreed to testify against the other defendants in exchange for dropping the other charges. Prosecutors say Rackemann shot Burnell – the drug dealer – Rodemich and Sanchez and directed another defendant, Valencia Williams, 21, to kill Navarro. Rackemann’s fiancee, Tia Brasfield, expresses her support for her husband-to-be on her Facebook page, and has uploaded a photo collage of her and her boyfriend with the caption: ‘Free my baby.’

The mother-of-two has also previously defended him to the press.

‘Cody doesn’t have the heart to kill anybody like that,’ she told ABC6. ‘That’s not him. He’s not capable of that.’

Rackemann faces four counts of murder, four counts of felony murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Rackemann’s girlfriend, Tia, is obviously mentally ill to not grasp the reality of the situation and the death penalty for her boyfriend would be the best thing that ever happened to her and her children— it might just save her life.

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