Man, 42, ‘slashed 11-year-old girl’s throat and staged it to look like a suicide after the child convinced her mother to break up with him’

Man, 42, ‘slashed 11-year-old girl’s throat and staged it to look like a suicide after the child convinced her mother to break up with him’

What a loser. Miguel Ruiz Lobo slashed an 11-year-old girl’s throat and staged it to look like suicide after she convinced her mother to break up with him, police have revealed.


Miguel Ruiz Lobo, the former live-in boyfriend of Martha Guzman’s mother, was arrested on Monday for murdering the child at her home in Little Havana in Miami, Florida on June 22. The girl was found with cuts to her neck and wrists and rushed to hospital, but she did not survive. Her mother, Amauria Alvarenga, told WSVN that she immediately suspected Ruiz was involved.

‘From the moment I found her, I never thought she committed suicide, because I know my daughter,’ she said at an emotional press conference with Martha’s father on Monday. Police told reporters on Monday that Ruiz, who had dated Alvarenga for several years, knew the girl had a history of cutting and so staged the killing to look as if the wounds were self-inflicted. After his arrest was announced, Alvarenga said Ruiz had emotionally abused her daughter while living at their home and the little girl had convinced her mother to break up with him.

The mother broke off the relationship about five months before her daughter’s death. Ruiz had claimed he had not seen the victim for days but a neighbor’s surveillance camera revealed him using a key and going inside the family’s home before leaving 32 minutes later. No one entered the home until her mother arrived there three hours later and found her daughter. Police also said that Ruiz had fresh scratches to his face and arms, and DNA taken from beneath the girl’s fingernails showed his DNA, revealing she had put up a fight against her attacker.

Authorities said there was a clear motive for the heinous crime.

‘He returned to the house when the girl was alone. He used a key that he knew the whereabouts of the key, and we believe he entered and killed the young lady.’ He added: ‘He’s such a huge monster of a man that could control her easily, and eventually he did and killed her.’

Afterwards he slashed her wrists, Orosa said, but the cuts were so deep that her hands were nearly severed completely off, CBS Miami reported.

Ruiz was charged with first-degree murder. He will appear in court for a bond hearing on Tuesday.

Just another lesson why women need to be more careful before inviting men into their lives when there are young children at risk.

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