Man takes daughter for abortion to cover up rape

Man takes daughter for abortion to cover up rape

Well, this is just lovely. Pro-choicers tend to scoff at the suggestion that rapists and abusers use legal abortion to cover up their crimes. But then examples keep popping up that prove it can and does happen.


According to Life News:

A 39-year-old California man faces 25 years in prison after she raped and impregnated his daughter and then took her to a hospital for an abortion to attempt to hide the crime.

Manuel Jacinto repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter and then took her to San Mateo Medical Center for an abortion, officials with the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office said. Although the abortion was performed, hospital officials notified police. Police began investigating Jacinto after he claimed a 12-year-old boy named “Giovanni” was the father, but found DNA evidence indicting Jacinto was the father.

In this case, the hospital notified police, so the rapist was caught. But considering that Live Action caught Planned Parenthood staffers on tape telling teen girls they “didn’t want to know” the father’s age or identity, how many have gotten away with their crimes?

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