Media touts poll blaming Republicans for shutdown, imposes media blackout on Obama’s 37% approval rating

Media touts poll blaming Republicans for shutdown, imposes media blackout on Obama’s 37% approval rating

To paraphrase Ben Stein

Media bias anyone?


At mid-week the AP published a poll announcing that President Obama’s approval rating had sunk into the 30s at 37%.That evening neither of the broadcast networks, CBS, ABC, and NBC ran a story to report it.The corrupt media totally ignored the

Nedia suck up Chris Matthews

Nedia suck up Chris Matthews


However, President Obama didn’t ignore it and all of a sudden after telling the country that he wasn’t going to “negotiate” with extortionists Republicans, called House leaders to the White House for a meeting to “talk”.

That wasn’t a coincidence!

Then like magic an NBC poll, that’s right the same news organization that routinely edits video tapes to suit their particular agenda, comes out with a heavily skewed poll (20% of those polled were Fed employees) stating a overwhelming majority of Americans blamed the GOP for the shutdown.And it’s been a non-stop parade of attacking Republicans and Ted Cruz ever since.

Obama 37% approval rating is a non factor!

In fact when I googled “Obama’s 37% approval rating” it generated a measly 103,000 results.: : :  But, when I googled “poll blaming Republicans for shutdown” not only is the bogus NBC poll the first thing that pops up, the search generated an eye popping 132 MILLION results.

This is not objective journalism.It’s a propaganda campaign straight out of the Obama White House in collaboration with an adoring media that will say anything to protect their beloved master.: : 

Originally published at The Last Tradition

Samuel Gonzalez

Samuel Gonzalez

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