Mexico Protests National Guard Presence on Texas Border

Mexico Protests National Guard Presence on Texas Border

Why would we care what Mexico thinks about anything immigration related, especially border security:

According to Newsmax, the Mexican foreign ministry reiterated previously voiced opposition to Governor Rick Perry’s deployment of 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to assist in border security operations.

The troops will not actively engage with Mexicans or others crossing into the country, but have been sent to the border to take over some duties from Border Patrol agents, freeing them for border security operations.

Mexico says the troops will not “contribute in any way to solving the immigration problem” and it therefore rejects the action taken by the Texas governor.

The foreign ministry says that the country would prefer to engage with the United States in “building a modern, prosperous and safe border.”

I’m sure they would.

But since the federal government is sitting this one out, they can deal with this guy:


I don’t think he really cares what the Mexican government wants. He’s looking at the 2016 election and he’s got a base to rally.

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