Mom Infected Daughter With Tapeworms To Make Her Lose Weight For Beauty Pageant

Anyone who’s seen an episode of “Toddlers and Tiaras” knows that pageant moms often have a few screws lose. But in this case, it’s more than a few: a mother allegedly spiked her daughter with tapeworms to make her lose weight before a beauty competition.


The unnamed mother thought she was doing best for her child because there was a beauty pageant in a couple of weeks and she wanted her to look her best…shortly after being given a stomach drug to help diagnosis, the girl rushes to the toilet and, amid her screams, suddenly all is revealed. The toilet bowl is a seething mass of tapeworms.

The incident at a Florida hospital was featured in an episode of the medical documentary Untold Stories of the ER where nurse Cabral-Osorio is seen re-assuring the girl that she is now going to be okay. The nurse adds: “We were wondering how did she get those tapeworms, and then you saw the mom turn white. “She was apologizing to the girl. It’s like ‘I’m so sorry. You know, I did it just to make you a little skinnier. You needed some help before we went on to the pageant.'”

This is one reason we have never had a female president. I’m continually shocked by the disgusting, dangerous, and: egregiously stupid things: women are willing to try to lose a few pounds. Next: the “cholera diet,” where all you drink is water contaminated with fecal matter for three days! That horrific vomiting and diarrhea works like a charm, just like it did on the Oregon Trail! (Oh, wait–I think they died.) Anyway, people are debating whether this mother should be prosecuted, as if that’s a hard question. Yes, poisoning your child is a crime…even if it’s in the pursuit of making her “skinny.”

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