Mother of Four Decapitated After Dispute Over Rent; Body Parts Scattered Across Two Counties

I was going to make a joke about neighbors from hell, but I just can’t.This story is no laughing matter: a Long Island mother of four was decapitated by a neighbor after a dispute over rent.

The alleged killer, Leah Cuevas–who was apparently pretending to be the landlord after the real owner died–then scattered the victim’s body parts across Long Island.

Neigbours living in the same Brownsville apartment block reportedly heard blood-curdling screams as Cuevas hacked off Mrs Browne’s head with ‘a sharp instrument’. The Guyenese immigrant’s dismembered torso was discovered in a wooded lot near the Fire Island ferry terminal in Bay Shore on July 9, Biancavilla said. Her severed legs were found nearby.

Days later, the woman’s arms were found in separate yards in Hempstead, about 25 miles west of Bay Shore, and her severed head was discovered at another home in the village on July 17, the prosecutor said. Prosecutors believe Cuevas had pretended to be the landlord’ following the death of the building’s owner last year.

…Prosecutors said that on July 5, Browne was seen entering Cuevas’s apartment. Shortly thereafter, the witness reported hearing Browne scream, ‘Oh no, oh no. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’

…Prosecutors believe Cuevas had pretended to be the landlord’ following the death of the building’s owner last year.

She is said to have collected rent from tenants despite the fact the building’s lacked hot water and electricity was scarce. It is believed Browne had become fed up with the and refused to continue paying.

…Dale Browne, the victim’s husband, said his wife had moved to New York about a year ago and worked in a Manhattan department store. He planned to move to New York with their four children after he got his paperwork completed.

He read from a Bible verse outside the courtroom following the arraignment before speaking with reporters.

‘I trust God,’ he said. ‘My wife was a human being, a mother of four, a wife and all that goes with that connotation. She loved her family; she made a sacrifice to leave Guyana to come here.’
He added: ‘What hurt the most is when the prosecutor described the words that she screamed out. I can hear those words, you know? Pretty animalistic. Just a beast that did this.’

Cuevas sounds as sick as the most depraved serial killer. Hopefully law enforcement will start looking into other unsolved murders to make sure she hasn’t done this before.

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