Muslims in Florida Rally for Peace…Just Kidding, They Totally Support Hezbollah Terrorists (Video)

Muslims in Florida Rally for Peace…Just Kidding, They Totally Support Hezbollah Terrorists (Video)

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter…who targets civilians, especially children…so yeah, they’re just terrorists:

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and people were openly and proudly standing with them, here in America, and defending them as freedom fighters. Not only does Hezbollah, and those who support it, hate Israel and want to destroy it and everyone in it, they also hate the United States. Yet, people were conducting a rally in one of the most iconic cities in America in support of the terrorist group Hezbollah.

As you watch the video, keep an eye out for what those who are marching are wearing. As they carry the Hezbollah flag, they march wearing what looks like a replica of suicide vests. Yes, that is happening, in America!

A brave individual attempted to interact with those at the rally. The terrorist supporters proudly showed him the Hezbollah flag until two individuals approached him and told him not to talk to the guy, saying the guy filming was a Jew.

That reminded me of something and I wanted to compare the two.

First, here’s a screen capture of the Hezbollah reporter after he believes the videographer is a Jew:


Now, here’s a photo of Nazi Joseph Goebbels when he realizes the photographer is a Jew:


Check this out:


Nothing but hate in those eyes.

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