Obama Flies All The Way From Hawaii To Offer Same Craptastic Cliff Deal

If you run around the news sites, you’ll see lots of stories of “optimism” regarding a fiscal cliff deal, which kinda is belied by the long faces (and Nancy Pelosi being unable to find her car) post meeting. Ah, but a barely publicized story comes from the AP via WRAL

A person familiar with the details says President Barack Obama is not making a new ‘fiscal cliff’ offer at his high-stakes meeting with congressional leaders at the White House.

Obama instead is spelling out again a plan he says can pass the House and Senate, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was unauthorized to speak publicly about the private meeting.

Unfortunately the story was edited so as it no longer reflects that Obama thinks his plan can pass the Senate. The same Senate in which Majority Leader Harry Reid refuses to allow a vote on Obama’s plan, calling it a “stunt” when Republicans asked for a vote on the full plan.

So, Obama flew all the way from Hawaii to offer the same craptastic plan.

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