Outrageous: Husband Who Raped, Drugged & Made Secret Sex Tapes of Wife Receives NO Prison Time While Judge Tells His Wife ‘You need to forgive him’

Outrageous: Husband Who Raped, Drugged & Made Secret Sex Tapes of Wife Receives NO Prison Time While Judge Tells His Wife ‘You need to forgive him’

There were several times Mandy Boardman woke up feeling like her body had been “messed with.” Suspecting her husband she told the police, he is tried in front of a jury and found guilty in court or raping and drugging her but is only sentence to two years probation, a GPS monitoring device and will be allowed to go only to work and back home.

rape and drug wife no prison

An Indianapolis woman is outraged after her husband, who was sentenced Friday for drugging then raping her as she slept in her own bed, received no jail time. Even more infuriating for Mandy Boardman were the words of Marion Superior Judge Kurt Eisgruber as he handed down a suspended prison sentence and eight years home detention.

‘The judge looked at me before he gave the final decision,’ Boardman told the IndyStar. ‘I was told that I needed to forgive my attacker and move on.’

The dumbfounded mother of two said she doesn’t believe she received justice and that the judgment made her feel like she was ‘sucker punched in the gut’ to know that her ex-husband David Wise, 52, won’t see the inside of a prison. A jury convicted Wise last month of one count of rape and five counts of criminal deviate conduct – all felonies punishable by six to 20 years in prison. Boardman testified that in 2008 she found three sex videos of her on Wise’s cellphone but didn’t remember the sex or consenting to the videos. She said she once woke up with a pill dissolving in her mouth.

Boardman, who was married to Wise for 12 years until their 2009 divorce, said she made a DVD copy of the videos and went to police with them in 2011. Boardman decided to speak out publicly about the case, presumably because of its outcome.

‘I received zero justice on Friday,’ she said.

Wise’s defense attorney, Elizabeth Milliken, told The Indianapolis Star that Wise intends to appeal his conviction but declined additional comment.

I have no idea how this jury DID convict this guy but the judge decides to forgive him with an ankle bracelet. Looks like the judge failed justice in this case.

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