Peel That Obama Sticker Off!

There’s a reason that many liberals just adore Barack. Americans of the progressive persuasion often enjoy their political beliefs distilled into the simplest form possible — the bumper sticker — and since Obama is limited almost entirely to a single sentence when he attempts to express his political position, the whole thing jives quite well. Barack gets the support of millions of Subaru owners; Subaru owners can express their entire world view in only a four by two sticky square.

That is, of course, if the “cool kids” — and by that I mean solely hipsters, yuppies, American Apparel shoppers, young parents and people with compost toilets in their apartments (I’m looking at you, oh vintage building neighbor) — were leaning towards Obama as the fashionable political hotness.

Turns out, they’re not. And for that, perhaps, we should all be frightened.

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