Police: Man Starved Dog To Death To Punish Ex

Police: Man Starved Dog To Death To Punish Ex

A Phoenix man starved his ex-girlfriend’s dog to death when his attempts to reconcile with her failed, police say. He has now been arrested on animal cruelty charges.


The man, Luis Moreno, sent the woman a text message that read: “Wiggles is dead, I hope your happy b****.”

The ploy worked and his ex called in concern for the dog, but he told her Wiggles was fine.

When that bid failed to get him a date, he sent yet another message to his ex saying the dog was sick…She offered to help pay for medical treatment, but Moreno refused her offer – asking her out on a date instead.

Yeah, I’m thinking the ex-girlfriend had good reasons to avoid this guy. Luckily, he’s also being charged with domestic violence.

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