President Obama’s Income Inequality Hustle is Destroying American Drive

obamaMired in the muck of a sinking presidency, President Barack Hussein Obama is doubling down on his own destructive economic policies that have produced more government dependency than any other president.

To do this he’s going to scream about the unfairness of income inequality without telling the public that progressives like himself and the Democrat Party make it worse.

First of all the phrase “income inequality” is a nebulous term invented by liberals to trick people.The term somehow denotes the false premise that no person’s income should be vastly more than anyone else’s.Aside from the fact that this thinking is pure Communist thought, incomes will be inherently unequal simply because of the nature of human beings.

However, progressives take advantage of this human frailty by catering their message to people that don’t work as hard as others, get hooked on drugs or alcohol, or make bad life decision that seriously hampers one’s development.

Further, they absolve all personal responsibility and cast blame on others, like rich people or Republicans for their plight.

Progressives foster the idea that it’s socially acceptable to be envious of others.This is in stark contrast to Judeo-Christian belief of not to coveting they neighbors goods.Why do you think God Almighty made it the tenth commandment?He knew of the dangers of being envious of others and how it corrupts the human soul.

Take myself for example.My salary is extremely unequal to Bill Gates.Yet, I have a home and family and feel truly blessed with my life.However, to get what I have I had to stay in school and not drop out.I had to go to college and graduate.Then I got a job and after that I got married then came a child.If one follows those steps finish school–get job–get married–then have children the chances of being in poverty drops to 2%

But what does Obama’s base do?

First comes the child, they don’t finish school, the marriage never happens and the job doesn’t come along either.

That’s Obama’s income inequality hustle.: : : 

He comes along and blames the Rich.

He comes along and blames the Republicans for a War on Women.

He comes along and blames Global warming.

The biggest reason income inequality is as great as it is is because of social rot and progressives encouraging everyone if it feels good do it.We know who to blame.

Originally posted at The Last Tradition

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