Q&A Friday #16: That’s All Folks!

That’s it for Q&A Friday! See you on Monday. Until then, take a look at a few of my advertisers….maybe just click on 3? How about it? It would really help me out…

Dreamhost Web Hosting (This Is My Web Host)
Peter C Glover’s Wires From The Bunker
The Iraqi Truth Project
Matt Furey Combat Conditioning
The Nose On Your Face
Place A Bet On Iraq
The Politics Of Faith
Realm Dekor Decorations
Rightalk Online Radio
Right-Wing Stuff
They Just Don’t Get It. How Washington Is Still Compromising Your Safety—and What You Can Do About It By Colonel David Hunt
Young Nationalist

PS: It has been a long while since I pointed out that I do have a wish list down in the support section. The #1 most wanted item? Seasons 1-7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve become a HUGE FAN of the show and I’d really love to watch the whole thing from start to finish.

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