Q&A Friday #29: Do You Play Video Games?

Question: “Do you play video games much, and if so, what are your favorite games and/or systems?” — Clint

Answer: At one time, I really loved gaming.

Way back in the day in the arcade, I loved Heavy Barrel, NARC, and Samurai Showdown. I can also remember playing Nintendo games like All-Star Baseball and Tecmo Bowl for countless hours.

Once I got on the internet, I started playing Utopia with the same sort of zeal that I’ve since applied to political blogging and I was one of the top 100 players in the world for a couple of 3 month long ages.

After that got old, I tried a few other online games and then moved on to StarCraft. I was never an expert, but I played enough where I could demolish people who hadn’t played a lot against other humans. In fact, I once won a 1 on 3 game vs. some people I worked with. Eventually, I got tired of Battlenet and just enjoyed 1 on 7 fastest/mega mineral games vs. the computer. StarCraft was definitely my all-time favorite game, but I don’t even have it installed on the computer anymore.

I also enjoyed Doom, Diablo (1, not 2), Civ2, and the Ratchet and Clank and WWE series on the PS2.

I was going to try to get in a little more gaming time next year, so I signed up for Gamefly in order to get PlayStation 2 games by mail. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize Gamefly mails out all their games from LA and since I’m on the right coast, I can already tell it’s not going to work out. They mailed their first game to me 8 days ago and I still haven’t received it. That’s why today, I picked up a copy of Age of Mythology for the PC and figured I’d give that a whirl instead.

Unfortunately, I don’t have too much time for games these days and as a general rule, I just play on Saturday afternoons and a little bit here and there throughout the week. So that means my hardcore gaming days are behind me.

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