Quietly Pursing a Team: Ritchie Incognito

A man of his name, finally, Incognito is secretly shopping the NFL want ads. Incognito was at the center of the 2013 bullying scandal. Incognito From the article:


Less than a year after such loud antics as vowing to slap Jonathan Martin’s mother and defecate in his mouth, smashing his own Ferrari with a baseball bat, and exploding periodically on Twitter, the unguarded guard guards his words.

A leaner, less loquacious Incognito tells USA Today‘s Josh Peter that “we’ve had some nibbles” in free agency. The reviled lineman isn’t saying much. Neither are potential suitors. Given Incognito’s talent level, and the NFL’s recent history of dispensing second chances to the likes of dog executioner Michael Vick and deadly drunk driver Donte Stallworth, the former Dolphin will likely find a home sometime late this preseason or early during the regular season. Losing is worse PR for an NFL team than even Richie Incognito, and some team surely believes that the former Pro Bowl lineman can help them win.

I can’t seriously think that the NFL would want these loose cannons of any talent level tarnishing the name of the club they play for. It’s high time that the NFL adopted some serious repercussions for actions of the athletes . No more slap on the wrist or puny fines, which is like chump change for these players making millions. Grow up and show some decorum.


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Katie McGuire

Katie McGuire

I am a right-wing mom in the nursing field. I love politics and am active in several local campaigns at any given moment. I reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, enjoy travel, cooking, football and my 2 corgis.

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