Racism is Good! Ask Donald Sterling and his $2 Billion dollar windfall

Every sports team whether in the NBA, the NFL, Major League Baseball, and even the NHL should send V. Stiviano a case of champagne for increasing the values of their organizations. Though many in the Leftist driven sports world may not want to donald sterliongacknowledge, racism, perceived or otherwise helped boost the evaluation of the LA Clippers to heights no one dreamed of a month ago.

As a result, a second-rate franchise that shares the city Los Angeles with the LA Lakers was able to be sold for a record shattering 2 billion dollars thanks to a sucker named Stave Ballmer. Would anybody have thought this was possible two months ago had Donald Sterling announced the team was up for for sale? Very unlikely!

But since the controversy erupted over Donald Sterling’s racist comments caught on tape and made public, the media feeding frenzy was on to punish him. The NBA was quick to bow to PC hysteria and banned Sterling for life and scheduled a vote by other NBA owners to force him to sell his team. Players like Lebron James threatened to boycott and not play basketball if Sterling remained as owner. Meanwhile behind the scenes Sterling’s wife, Shelly, maneuvered with the skills of Gordon Gekko and got a price for the Clippers far beyond the most liberal estimates.

Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

So in the end was the media’s bloodlust to punish a racist satisfied? Donald Sterling is smiling all the way to the bank. Yeah, he may have to pay some capital gains, but that’s life. The LA Lakers are smiling because if the Clippers are worth $2 billion, the Lakers are easily worth double that or more. The New York Yankees are smiling too for the same reasons, along with the Boston Celtics and so on. And all this was made possible by a surgically altered floozy, V. Stiviano, trying to get some fame and revenge.

Send her some flowers, Boys, she earned it!

Originally posted at The Last Tradition

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