Rethinking the cause of homosexuality

From WWJW (MyFox 8) in Cleveland

[Sara] Wheeler, 36, and her partner, Missy, decided to start a family together and share the Wheeler last name. In 2000, Sara Wheeler gave birth to a son, Gavin, through artificial insemination. Two years later, they decided Missy Wheeler should adopt the child and legally become his second parent.

Georgia law doesn’t specifically say whether gay parents can adopt a child, so the decision was up to a judge in the Atlanta area’s DeKalb County. After an adoption investigator determined that both partners wanted it, the judge cleared the request.

The couple’s relationship later soured. Missy Wheeler wouldn’t comment for this story, but her attorney, Nora Bushfield, said Sara became involved with someone else and wouldn’t let Missy and Gavin see each other….

Sara and Missy Wheeler had split by July 2004, and Missy was fighting for joint custody of the boy.

Sara is saying that homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to adopt, until legislation is passed that specifically allows it. Sara, now hated by the Atlanta homosexual community, is also rethinking whether she is actually even a lesbian.

Two things stand out about this.

1. Homosexual activists use ambiguity of the law as well as flaky judges to foist their agenda on others, but cry foul when that same tactic is used against their agenda. While Sara Wheeler’s convenient flip-flop is obviously hypocritical, the law shouldn’t have been allowed to be toyed with in such a way in the first place. The question, now, is whether the legal system will acknowledge it’s weakness and overturn a bad precedent, or force society to endure it.

2. Homosexuals argue that their sexual orientation is biological and not a choice. We’ve seen the silliness of this argument when recent scientific advances have shown that were a biological cause actually found, science may also find a way to prevent it, which left homosexuals in outrage, demanding no "cure" be offered. If they don’t want to be "cured" then why do they insist that it isn’t a choice? Anyway…it now seems that the dynamics of sexual orientation extends beyond even personal choice in sexual activity, to community identification. If Sara Wheeler can so easily rethink her choice of sexual partners based on being rejected by the homosexual community, how many others practice homosexuality simply because they want to belong? Remember the old adage "Men will have a relationship in order to get sex; Women will have sex in order to have a relationship"? Could that extend to a communal relationship? Why not?

In addition to spoiling their plans for adoption of victi…er…children, Sara has also added an additional causation for homosexuality that adds even more argument against their pipe-dream of a "biological imperative".

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