Right to Life is not extremism, killing the unborn child is

Right to Life is not extremism, killing the unborn child is

Democrats like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Sem. Chuck Schumer love to throw the E-Word around.Nine time out of ten it’s hurled at Republicans for the consumption of low-information voters who graduated from the same public schools Democrats control.


I call it the Real American Hustle!

Get control of the public school system in every urban center around the country. Throw out the mentioning of God and school prayer and progressives were off to the races.

Mission accomplished!

Make sure teachers are unionized and collect dues so they can be funneled back to the Democrat Party.In return Democrats pass regulations that benefit teachers while leaving black and Latino children in crumbling schools without textbooks or other resources needed to educate children.: : : 

Mission accomplished!

Stop teaching American History and replace it with a multicultural curriculum that teachers children to hate their own country.

Mission accomplished!: : 

Teach that fossil fuels are dirty and Global warming is king.Capitalism is unfair and there’s no such thing as personal responsibility.

Mission accomplished!

Teach that The Rich are evil and they stole their money from the poor even though it doesn’t make any sense.Our forefathers were slave owners and anything they did, like write the Constitution, is of no value.

Mission accomplished!

Teach that abortion is not really killing an unborn baby, it’s about empowering women.Ignore the fact that there is such thing as The American Holocaust-50 million plus unborn babies have been murdered since 1973 by getting their skulls crushed, their spinal cords cut, their arms and legs ripped apart, by getting their brains sucked out by a vacuum cleaner.Never mind that these babies feel every second of excruciating pain.: : : 

Mission accomplished!

Teach that those who believe in God are the extremist.

Teach that those who fight for the right to chose life instead of death are the extremists and those who do the actual killing or who support them are the good guys and never mind the blood dripping from their hands.

It’s all a hustle and it’s time to check yourself before you wreck yourself compliments of Democrats.: : : : : 

Originally published at The Last Tradition

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