ROB LOWE: ‘I Want Government Out Of Almost Everything’

It’s difficult to hear Rob Lowe with his shirt off using the words “hands off government” but sure enough he has taken to announce he wants government to get it’s hands out or our personal affairs. Even if he were ugly I totally agree!

Rob Lowe

Actor Rob Lowe of Brat Pack fame doesn’t want to restrict himself to any one political party. Yet he has no qualms describing the role government should have in our lives.

Lowe opened up about his Brat Pack days, the curse of being beautiful and how he sees the current two-party system in America during a Q&A with The New York Times.

You’ve compared loyalty to a political party to recreational drug use. You’ve been sober for several years now, so what did you mean by that?
I find them both highly overrated. Each day another state makes it O.K. for my 18-year-old – any 18-year-old – to go and buy pot like he’s buying a Pepsi-Cola, and so let’s face it: In the United States, recreational drug use is sort of acceptable. Belonging to one party is acceptable. But my days of just ticking the party box are long over. I judge the candidates for who they are.

So what do you believe?

My thing is personal freedoms, freedoms for the individual to love whom they want, do with what they want. In fact, I want the government out of almost everything.

Lowe recently played President John F. Kennedy in the highly rated television film Killing Kennedy.

I’m betting that there are hundreds more in Hollywood who agree with Lowe’s opinion on personal liberties but they are too afraid to stand up because even conservative news won’t back them. Top story on Rob Lowe today on FOX NEWS: The FIVE?; ‘Rob Lowe: It’s hard being pretty in Hollywood’. Yes, FOX News doesn’t want YOU to know someone popular in Hollywood thinks Liberty should be protected. They decided to minimalize the guy over being pretty. Well, so did I, he’s pretty hot!

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