Robin Williams didn’t die by suicide, Political Correctness killed him

Robin Williams didn’t die by suicide, Political Correctness killed him

Robin Williams’s genius was the ability he had to say funny things as rapidly as machine gun fire. It could be anything from an impersonation or a quick funny ditty unrelated to willaimsdwhat he said previously.


But the country changed as he got older. Through time the things that can be said was limited. It’s become harder to say anything without somebody getting offended. It’s become harder to avoid some individual or group complaining about what they perceive as offensive. How can a comedian operate in that environment? How have we become so sensitive to the point of absurdity?


Sadly, the world became a prison for Robin Williams because he couldn’t use the gift God gave him to make us all laugh. It’s truly sad PC has become the unseen yet very much visible tyrant.: :  We just can’t be funny anymore.


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